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Some Imagines you know? - Imagine #20 He gets Jealous when he sees you with an old guy friend from school.

Imagine #20 He gets Jealous when he sees you with an old guy friend from school.

  • Harry: You and Harry weren't dating, but he really loves you but he won't admit it yet. You and Harry were best friends. You were hanging around London with one of your old school mates. You were both walking around laughing and having a great time together. You and your guy friend stop by Milkshake City. 1D were in there, and you introduced your friend to them. Harry is trying to act happy. Louis knows whats going on. "Green eyed monster get you Haz?" Louis says. "Never speak of it" Harry replies. You and your friend are ordering the milkshake and you too are chatting and laughing. Harry is sitting with the boys upset and officially not him. Liam speaks out and says "I don't they are seeing each other Harry". Harry stares at Liam with a sad face. You give the boys a hug and walk off with your friend together. You had a big smile on your face but you knew it was just a friend, but Harry did not. Harry walks out with the boys and looks over at you getting in the passenger seat of your friends car. Harry storms off upset and angry. Louis is catching up to him and comforting him. Harry has completely ignored you after that. You were taking your friend to see 1D that night. Front row tickets. You waited in amongst the crowd and they had finally come on. You and your friend stand up and Harry avoided eye contact with you the entire night. When they played "I Wish" Harry was singing it very intensely. You realized a minute later that song was aimed at you that night. When the concert ended your friend left immediately cause he had an early drive back home the next morning. You walk backstage to meet up with the boys. You gave them all a hug and Harry just avoided you. You walked straight up to him and pushed him into the bathroom. Louis and Zayn block the door from the outside. "Harry what is with you lately. You have been avoiding me. You didn't even look at me!". "(Y/N) nothing is wrong!". "Harry thats a load of bullshit! You haven't hugged me or texted me or even called. You haven't since my friend arrived." you both pause a minute and you look at Harry and say "Oh Harry, you weren't jealous were you? Did you really think I would date him!? There is no way in the world that would ever happen Harry. I love you.". Harry looks up at you and you looked away. Harry lifts your head up with his finger under your chin and says "I love you too (Y/N). I have for so long". You smiled at him and said "Oh just shut up and kiss me!". you both kissed each other. Louis was outside the door clapping.
  • Louis: You are just walking around the streets of London with your Best friend Louis. You run into another close friend of yours you haven't seen since you finished high school. You give your friend a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Oh my god I haven't seen you in forever (Y/N)". You smile at your friend and he says "Heres my number, lets hang out and go to dinner before I leave". You smiled and agreed. Louis stood there silently. "Oh I'm sorry this is Louis my best friend ever" you say to your friend. Louis and your friend greet each other and you smile. Inside Louis wanted to hurt him but he couldn't. You give your friend one more hug and walk off with Louis. Louis has been silent since after that. "Thanks for a great day Louis. You are seriously the bestest friend anyone could ever have!" you say as you give Louis a hug. Louis like a gentleman drives you home. You live in the same flat complex building thing as the boys. The next day, normally you get a text from Louis, but he sent nothing. He knew today you were hanging with an old friend. You didn't understand why this was. You love seeing your morning texts from Louis. Your friend picks you up and you grab your wallet and head out the door. You run into Louis and you both don't say anything. Louis slams the door when he walks into his flat and complains to Harry. You tried to have a good day with your friend but you couldn't unless you knew what was wrong with Louis. You and your friend were at dinner and he says to you "I really miss you (Y/N). Its been great to see you. You look fantastic. I love you.". You froze this was alot to take in. You look at him and said "You're so sweet. I've missed you too, you look very handsome tonight but I'm in love with someone else" Your friend understands as you leave him. You give him a kiss on the cheek and catch a taxi home. You run up to Louis' flat banging on the door like mad. Louis opens the door and you just kiss him without thinking. Louis is enjoying it and wraps his arms around your waist. No questions were asked that night. You both knew you loved each other.
  • Liam: You and Liam are sitting at Starbucks having a nice time out together. Yours and Liam's relationship you felt was like more than best friends but for now you too were. You hear a voice say "(Y/N)? (Y/N) is that you?" You turn around to see your childhood friend standing a few feet away from you. "Oh my god!" you yell. You got up off your seat and ran over to hug your friend. You basically leaped into his eyes and said "Oh my god you look great! I haven't seen you for so long I've missed you so much!". You left Liam sitting alone and confused. So he waited until you came back. You drag your friend over and he grabs a seat and sits with you and Liam. "This is my amazing best friend Liam" you say. They both shake hands with each other. You and your friend are talking about the old times you had together and all the good times. Liam is sitting there upset and awkward. So he pulls his phone out and starts talking to Niall. "It's been so lovely to see you again (Y/N) I can't wait til we hang out again sometime" he says while handing you his phone number. You smile and say "Til we meet again!". You stood up and gave him a kiss on the cheek and walked off with Liam. Liam is now acting strange. "Liam are you okay?" you ask him concerned. "Yes, I'm fine" he says in a sour tone. You and your friend have been texting like crazy since you left each other. Liam is getting really upset now. You climb in the passenger seat of Liam's car and wait for him to come. He gets in the driver's seat and your smiling and texting your friend. Liam starts the car and he drives off speeding. "What are you doing!? Slow down Liam!" Liam slows down but the anger/sadness remains. "Pull over now Liam". Liam pulls over and you turn to face him. "Are you okay? You have been acting mean since you met my friend. I hope you know that there is nothing going on between me and him" you say. Liam looks at you and says "Don't you understand I love you!?". You were shocked. Liam looked out the window. You put your hand on Liam's lap and he turns to look back at you. "Liam, I love you too and only you". Liam was immediately happy and decided to take you to the mall so you could shop. You were so happy you two were together now.
  • Zayn: You are getting all gorgeous to go out to a night club with Zayn. You walk to your front door to answer it. Zayn is looking mighty fine and he stares at you and says "Damn girl!" You smile and walk out with him. You both got Liam to drive you to the club since you and Zayn were certainly not going to after drinking. Liam pulls up to the club and says "Now get out. Text me when you're ready" Zayn helps you out of the car and you both walk into the club. A boy keeps staring at you, cause you are in the dark with strobe lights going off you couldn't really tell who it was. Zayn walks off somewhere and left you alone. You walk over to the bar and get a drink. The guy who keeps staring at you was your childhood friend. You immediately look at him and smile saying "I remember you! Oh my god where have you been!". He laughs and says "Cocktail for her. It's on me" You smile at him and say "Thank you so much!" You have a few more cocktails and vodka. Your friend ask if you're here wit anyone "Yes I am actually, I'm here with my best friend Zayn who is currently grinding up on two chicks the bastard" your friend looks at you and laughs. "How about we dance?" he asks. "Sure lets do it!" you answer. You grab your friends hand and head to the dance floor. You and your friend are dancing with each other and getting wild. You are grinding up on him and hes grinding up on you. Zayn looks over at you and he immediately gets jealous. So he goes find other chicks thinking you would notice. You noticed but you didn't care at the moment. You were drunk and abit out of your mind. Your friend starts kissing at your neck and Zayn had snapped. Zayn storms over towards you and pulls you away from him. Your night ended early due to Zayn's jealousy. You were drunk but not drunk enough to forget what happened the next morning. Liam drove over to pick you guys up. You head home and you're tripping all over the place.You fall asleep on Zayn's lounge. The next morning, you wake up with a headache and you are just tired. You remember what happened "Zayn, why did you take me away from my friend. What the hell is wrong with you. I was having fun while you were having fun with those sluts". Zayn looks at you feeling like a hypocrite. "Because (Y/N) I love you and I didn't want you hooking up with him or having sex with him last night" he yells. You sit back and walk over to him and kiss him on the cheek. "I love you too Zayn. And I wasn't going to do either knowing it would make you upset" you both kiss each other and forget it ever happened.
  • Niall: Niall being as cute as he is, he does have a dark side. You and Niall were having a bite to eat at Nando's. Obviously. Weirdly, your best friend from the 7th grade walks in. He immediately sees you and waves at you. You put your chicken burger down and quickly ran over to him to give him a big hug. "How are you missy! Are you staying away from trouble?" you laugh and say "Of course I am". You introduce your friend to Niall and Niall is holding back his feelings. It won't last though. Your friend gave you his number and gave you a kiss on the cheek. He says goodbye to Niall and your friend texts you saying "Lets go out to lunch tomorrow. Its on me! xx" You smile and Niall is unimpressed. You both head home. Niall has not said a word to you at all. You're alittle confused so you just head into your apartment and continued to text your friend. The next day happened, you were getting ready to see your friend for lunch at a beautiful restaurant. Niall is waiting outside your door. When you open the door Niall yells "I can't let you do it (Y/N) I won't let it happen! I refuse to let it happen!". You look at him confused and say "Niall excuse my language but what the fuck are you thinking!?" "I'm thinking I cannot let you go out with him today!" "And why not Niall!" "Because (Y/N)!" "WHY NIALL!?" "BECAUSE I LOVE YOU (Y/N). I love you. Always have" You wait a minute before you replied. You wrap your arms around Niall's neck and kiss him. Niall's arms slide around your waist. "I love you too Niall. I always have. Me and this guy, we are just friends, nothing more. Please let me go out to see him its hes last day here anyway" Niall says "Alright babe. I love you" you smile at Niall and say "I love you too sweetie!"
  • Author's Note: Sorry if there is any grammar or spelling mistakes. I'm very tired :( Oh well. Enjoy! x

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