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Some Imagines you know? - Imagine #36 He's Cheating on you. Part One.

Imagine #36 He's Cheating on you. Part One.

  • Harry: You are going to surprise Harry by visiting him on tour. You are walking around LAX International Airport, trying to find your way to the luggage collection area. You followed the crowd to the luggage area. You stand near the luggage carousel waiting for your bags. Waiting patiently and keeping a low profile. You hear a very familiar voice from behind you. You turn around, and there is Liam! Your escort to the hotel. "Liam!" you say while hugging him. "Oh thats my bag!" you say. "I'll get it!" Liam says. Liam grabs your bag and takes you out to the car. You're both driving back to the hotel. "Do you think Harry will be happy to see me!?" you ask. "Of course he will! It will be an amazing surprise for him!" Liam reassures you. You look out the window and see the busy streets of Los Angeles. You pull up to the hotel and check in. Liam stands beside you while you check in. "Harry is actually at the pool" Liam says. "Oh really!? Wheres that!?" you ask. "Oh, its on the roof top!" Liam says. You smile and continue to check in. "Room 1093 Miss (Y/L/N)" the receptionist says. "Thank you!". You grab your bag and wheel it behind you. Liam is coming with you to make sure you have settled in. "Thank you Liam" you say to him. "For what!?" he asks. "Being a great friend" you say back. Liam smiles. You reach your floor and find your room. You go into the bathroom and get changed into your bikini. "If you need me you have my mobile right!?" Liam says. "Yep!" you say back. You give Liam a kiss on the cheek and head up to the roof top. You were just going to play it cool and hope Harry notices you. You reach the roof top and make your way out. Everything was going to plan, but wait!? You see right in front of you Harry, your boyfriend, full on making out with a blonde skinny big boobed bimbo in the pool. You overhear Harry tell the blonde girl "Wanna get naked tonight!? (Y/N) will have no idea" "Of course. Who cares about her. You have me" the blonde bitch says. Harry turns his head and sees you standing there, shaking, with tears rolling down your face. "(Y/N). Oh my god! (Y/N) It's you. What are you doing here!? I, uhh. Was just.. Umm, well, meet Rachael!?". You said nothing. You looked at him in fury. Will tears rapidly streaming down your face. You clench your hands and angrily turn away slamming the door behind you so loud. You run back into your hotel room and re pack everything and quickly put clothes on. You sit against the wall and cry. You run down to the lobby. (Y/N)! (Y/N)! Whats wrong honey!" Liam yells. Harry runs out screaming (Y/N) Wait! Let me explain!" Liam looks over to Harry with a disappointed face. Liam runs after you because you could easily get lost in LA. Rachael walks out all innocent and not giving a shit "Babe!?" she says. "Go away from me Rachael and never come back" Harry says angrily. "You were the biggest mistake".
  • Louis: You and Louis were spending the day together. You were in Starbucks just grabbing some coffee. "Hey babe! I have an idea. Lets have a movie night tonight!? How does that sound!?" you say asking him. "Oh, I can't. I have to go to Zayn's tonight. He invited me to go over there with the boys. I'm sorry babe. Maybe some other time!?" Louis says. You look down upset. "Okay. As long as you have fun. I don't mind". "Babe! You are the best!" Louis says. You give him a half hearted smile. "Oh babe. I need to quickly go pee" Louis says. "Okay, go" you say to him. You see Zayn walk in with Perrie. "Hey Zayn!" you say. "Oh hey (Y/N)! How are you!?" he asks. "I'm fine! What movies are you doing tonight with the boys!?" you ask. Zayn looks at you confused. "Umm, the boys and I didn't plan anything for tonight!?" Zayn says. "But, Louis said that you invited him over with the boys tonight. Thats why he couldn't have a movie night with me" you say back. "I'm sorry (Y/N). We didn't arrange anything" Zayn says. You get alittle confused. You noticed Louis left his phone. You decided to go through his messages. This wasn't normally like you going through all his messages. You saw nothing, but then, he got a message. From a "Tiffany". You thought "Who the fuck is Tiffany". You read the message and it says "Oh thanks Baby! I can't wait to see you tonight! I'm not wearing any panties for you. I have some condoms left over. Love you! Tiff xoxo". You get upset and tears stream down your face. You slam Louis' phone on the table. You cracked his screen, but you didn't really give a shit after what you read. Louis walks out all happy. "Whats wrong babe!?" he asks. "WHO'S TIFFANY!?" you yell. "Whoa, babe. Don't make a scene." "YOU'RE HAVING SEX WITH SOMEONE ELSE! YOU'RE CHEATING ON ME!" you scream louder. Louis is slightly embarrassed. "Babe, shh" he says. "No! Fuck you! I will not shh! You're an asshole! I should of known! You don't love me anymore! I'm too boring for you!" He stood there completely still. "Fuck you Louis" you say. You stand up, grab your handbag and throw your coffee at him. "Where are you going!?" Louis asks. You didn't respond. Louis starts to run after you. "Babe!" Louis yells. "Don't call me that! Goodbye Louis! Have fun fucking Tiffany tonight!" you yell back. "(Y/N)! Don't be like that!" Louis yells. "Louis! Stop talking to me! Goodbye!"
  • Liam: Sorry, can't do Liam! I don't have the heart too! I'm sorry!
  • Zayn: "Bye Zayn! I'll see you tomorrow okay babe!?" you say. You were heading out for a night out with your girls. "Bye babe. See you. Stay safe" he says. You give Zayn a kiss and head out the door. "Do you ever wonder if Zayn cheats on you while you do this sort of stuff!?" your friend asks. "No. Zayn would never cheat. He is a very lovely, loyal boyfriend. I trust him" you say back. Zayn watches you pull out of the driveway and drive off whiling dialing a number. You walk into the club, and everyone is staring at you. You look over at the bar, and it has a magazine with Zayn and a "Mystery girl". You thought "Oh for fuck sakes". "Oh gee! Bloody Media always have to tell lies!" your best friend says. "Haha! Yeah! I know, tell me about it!" you say back. "Hey lets get a drink! Get your mind off things!" your friend suggests. "I think thats good. Lets go get a drink and dance!" you recommend. A few hours later, your not even drunk. You're only slightly tipsy. "Hey! Lets go back to your place and wake Zayn up!" your very drunk friend suggests. "Okay!" you agree. You link arms with your best friends and head back home. You are walking the streets to find your way back home. "What if, we like, you know, get raped!?" your drunk friend asks. "YOLO!" the other one says. You reach your flat. You put the key in the door and put your finger to your mouth saying "Shh!" while giggling. Your hear sex happening. Your friend says "Wow, I think Zayn left his porn on" while laughing. You laughed for about 5 seconds and realize that Zayn didn't have porn. At all. Not even on the computer. You snapped out of your tipsiness for a minute and walk over to your bedroom. You open your door and see Zayn having sex with another girl! "Zayn!?" you say upset. Zayn was really giving it to her. More then he did to you. Zayn turns around and sees you standing at the door. "(Y/N)! You're not suppose to be home!" Zayn says. Your only sober friend interrupts and says "You're not suppose to have sex with another girl you fucking bastard". "Is she drunk!?" Zayn asks. "No she's not actually". "Are you!?" "Not drunk enough to forget this.". You turn the light on and your drunk friend says "Hey slut. GET THE FUCK OUTTA HERE!". Zayn's new mystery girl sits up. You got your bags and started packing up all your stuff. "Where are you going!?" Zayn asks. "I'm moving out Zayn" you say. Your sober friend Emily helps you pack up your stuff. "I'll be back for the rest in the morning" you say. You carry your stuff out to the front door. "Babe, please don't do this" Zayn says. You ignored him and just walked out to your car. "I'll give you back the key when I've finished grabbing my stuff ". "Where will you be staying". "And why would I tell you that!?". Zayn gives you his big puppy dog eyes. "Goodbye Zayn".
  • Niall: Niall was acting weird. You are visiting him on tour. "Hey (Y/N). How about you go on BFF shop with Danielle and Eleanor!?". "Why do you want me out so bad!?" "uhh, so reason babe! Just go have fun please!" Niall says. You're getting suspicious now. A driver takes you, Danielle and Eleanor to the mall. You stopped by Starbucks as requested by Eleanor. "Hey, Dani and El. Do you think Niall is acting suspicious!?" you ask. "Well, to be honest, yes I think he is" Danielle says. "He wants me out all the time and I'm kind of thinking, why!? We haven't seen each other for so long and you keep pushing me away!? I want to know whats happening!" you say. Eleanor and Danielle look at each other. "You wanna find out!?" Eleanor asks. "Of course I do". Eleanor calls Louis to come and get them. You are waiting out the back of the mall for Louis. You hear a loud engine roar. Louis rolls up in a Lamborghini. Eleanor looks at him and says "Of course". "Get in girlies!" Louis says. "Where too!?" he asks "Back to the hotel please babe" Eleanor says. Louis drives back to the hotel. You had to key to the hotel room. Eleanor and Danielle are standing right beside you for support. You unlock the door and this tall, skinny, blonde was standing right infront of you. Wearing nothing but lingerie. "Uhh can I help you!?" the girl asks. "Baby. Who is it!?" You hear Niall asks her. "I don't know babe." she says back. Niall walks out and immediately sees you. "(Y/N)!". You burst through the doors pushing the blonde out of the way and making her hit the wall. You start packing up your things. "Where are you going (Y/N)". "Far away from you! You cheating bastard!" you say. Eleanor and Danielle are right behind you. "(Y/N). You can stay in with Liam and I. He won't mind at all". You collapsed to the ground and cry. "Why would he do this to me!" you cry. "Boys are stupid" Danielle says. Niall opens the door and looks down the hallway "(Y/N)! I need to explain! Let me explain!" he says. "I don't care what you have to say." you tell him. You walk into the Liam and Danielle's hotel room and close the door. Niall grabs his hair and almost yanks it out. "Get out please" Niall asks the blonde. "Why!" the blonde asks. "Just, get out" Niall says.
  • Author's Note: Sorry I couldn't do Liam's! I just couldn't! I couldn't picture him cheating! He's too beautiful! Sorry if this was bad as well. I was under pressure to get a preference done! xxx

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