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Some Imagines you know? - Imagine #47 You catch him kissing his ex! Part 2 (Requested)

Imagine #47 You catch him kissing his ex! Part 2 (Requested)

  • Harry: Walking out the door and not looking back at Harry, or anyone. You hear a faint voice in the distance. You don't turn back to see who it is, but you know who it is. It's Harry. You keep walking. You know your way around Holmes Chapel. It's not really all that hard. You hear a car head down the street. Ignoring it. But it's Harry. This boy never gives up. He rolls up beside me in the car. "Go away Harry," you demand. "No. I refuse. I won't stop following you, until you come and talk to me," "Whats there to talk about exactly Harry!? I know what I saw. It looked planned. Don't even THINK about lying to me Harry. Saying you didn't like it. You liked it, otherwise you wouldn't of kissed her back. Ever thought about that!?". You stand on the sidewalk, staring into Harry's car, your eyes with fury and sadness. "Get in the car please. So we can properly talk about this," "Absolutely not Harry. No way. Nope," you say. You kept walking away from Harry, and Harry kept driving up beside you. "Please get in the car now,". You stop dead in your tracks and look at Harry and cave in. You slide into the passenger seat and buckle your seatbelt and sit there with your arms crossed. "Thank you," "Yeah, yeah, yeah. Whatever Harry," "Look, (Y/N), please. That kiss meant nothing. You only walked in on the kiss. You don't know what happened before then. Caroline did it. She kissed me. I tried to protest. I did not kiss her back thank you. I'm a loyal and faithful boyfriend and you know it (Y/N)," "You didn't kiss her back!? Not what I saw. How could you trust that old bitch!?" "I don't (Y/N). Shut up and let me finish,". You sit silently in the seat, arms folded, while looking out the window. "(Y/N), Caroline means nothing to me. That kiss meant nothing! I promise you, it meant absolutely nothing. I came straight home. She's probably still at Costa's. Please believe me when I say, I'm over her. Way over. She's not important to me anymore. No way,". You look away from the window and look at Harry. He looks very sincere. He's right. "I'm sorry," you murmur.
  • Louis: You walk off to your car and climb in. You slam your hands on the steering wheel and scream. You start the car and slam your foot on the accelerator and drive off. You look in the review mirror and look at yourself in the sunvisor mirror. Make up leaking off, making a mess. You didn't care. You kept driving. Behind you, you see Louis chasing after you. With Eleanor in the front seat. Your face goes bright red. So with your tank driving skills you swerve into the next lane. The lane to turn left. Louis is going straight. Hopefully, he can't follow you now. You look at him, as he is in the car next you. Tears trickling down your face. Eleanor hiding herself. You shake your head and drive off. You end up going into Milkshake City. You walk in and slump on the loungechairs in there. "Nothing a Milkshake can't fix," the manager says. He knows you and obviously the 1D Boys. Louis barges in. "Go away!" you scream. He ignores you and walks over to you. You walk away. "Go away. Go away!" you scream. "(Y/N)! Let me explain please!" "Explain what Louis. What was there to explain. First you're both distance, then you both get cozy, and fucking kiss! No! There is nothing to explain! Goodbye!" you say pushing past him. Louis grabs your arm. "Let go of me!" you yell. "Let me explain!" "No!" "Please!?" "No!" "It was a force of habit (Y/N)," "Why don't I believe that!? Of yeah! It's cause I don't! Don't talk to me! And let me go!" "No, let me explain! It was a force of habit. Trust me. She wanted to go deeper, I didn't let her," "Argh! Ew! No! Ugh! Goodbye Louis!" "Stop! Stop being so stubborn!" "Oh shut up Louis. You would be too. I can't believe you'd do that to me! I can't trust you anymore! How can I possibly trust you now!" "Just stay with me, watch me, and I'll prove it,"
  • Liam:
  • Zayn: You're angrily storming down the corridor. Yelling, screaming. Danielle and Eleanor being your back up girls and standing on each side of you. "How dare he! How dare he!" you scream. "I know. That's totally not okay," Danielle says. "OF COURSE IT'S NOT FUCKING OKAY! They could of easily had sex if we didn't walk in. I swear to god they were going to have sex. God I hate Zayn! And Perrie!" "We can't blame you darling,". You see Paul and you storm straight past him. He looks worried, he looks at you walking off upset and looks at Zayn and Perrie on the other end of the corridor. He shakes his head disapprovingly and walks off to find you. Paul turns around to Perrie and Zayn, "Perrie, you must leave," he says with a stern voice, then walks off. You storm off outside, fans have spotted you. "Shit! I forgot!" you say to Eleanor and Danielle. You turn away and hide your face with Danielle and Eleanor being your back up girls, covering you up. You hide away from the fans and slide against the walls, then curl up and hug your legs. "Why would he do that to me!?" you ask. Zayn walks out, Eleanor and Danielle stand up and guard you. "I don't think (Y/N), wants to see you right now you cheating scum," Eleanor says. "I need to talk to her," Zayn comments. "Clearly, she doesn't want to talk to you," Danielle says. "(Y/N), I'm sorry. I mean, I don't have a way to explain this. I hurt you. I'm sorry," "Hurt her!? You bloody moron! You destroyed her! How dare you! All your songs are about love and fixing girls broken hearts, not ruining them! What the hell is wrong with you!?" Eleanor says. You stand up and slide in between Eleanor and Danielle. "(Y/N), please. Forgive me," "You know what Zayn!? No. I won't. I won't now. Won't ever. You were about to have sex weren't you. You don't need to answer that, I already know. You were. You were going to have sex with Perrie, and then think I'd never know. Well fuck you! Zayn! I can't believe how much of an unfaithful boyfriend you are! How bloody horrible. I don't want anymore heartache Zayn. So, this is goodbye. I'm leaving you. You are unfaithful and I cannot trust you anymore. It's over. Goodbye Zayn,". Zayn's face is shocked. "But, (Y/N)" Zayn says. "No, Zayn. You have Perrie to fall back on. You've been cheating on me with her. Goodbye,". You turn to Danielle and Eleanor, "Can you please take me back to the flat, so I can take my things!?" you ask. "Of course," Danielle says.
  • Niall: You're running, but you're running out of breath aswell. You can't run anymore. You stop outside a cafe. You decided to go in and sit for awhile. Niall's brother Greg is in the building. "(Y/N)!?" he asks. "Hey," you say slightly upset. "What's wrong!?" he asks softly. You take a deep sigh and say "Niall, kissed Holly. So I kissed Sean and ran away,". Greg's worried face, looks slightly angry. "Niall, should not toy with your feelings. He's had relationship troubles and he's waited for his princess. Which is you. But he did that!? Makes me furious. He should know better. I was about to leave, but I'll stay here with you. How did you get here!?" "I, uh, ran. I was so desperate to get away," "Not the smartest move ever, but still a smart idea. What do you want!? I'll shout you," Greg offers. "Oh no, you don't have to stay and definitely don't have to pay for me," "Yes, I do, I should," "Fine, just a Latte please,". Greg stands up and walks off. You look out the window and Niall walks past. He does a double take and sees you. You lower your head and turn away, hoping he didn't notice you. Too late. He did. He barges in and says "We need to talk," "Niall, no. I'm don't want to okay, not now," "No (Y/N), listen. You were right. I shouldn't of done it. It was a very hypocritical move of me and I'm very sorry. When you kissed Sean, I understood why you were upset. When you left, it made me realize, how much I need you. I am truly sorry. It was such a stupid, stupid move. I told Holly, to never ever see me. Cause you're more important then Holly," Niall says actually looking sincere. "Now that you've apologized, and understand where I've come from with all the jealousy, I forgive you. Just don't do it ever again. I don't want to be hurt like that ever again," "I won't. I'm sorry,". Greg walks back over. "Niall, I hope you said you're sorry! That was horrible what you did. What was going through your head!?" Greg asks. "I said I was sorry, she's forgiven me. And I don't know what was going through my head. I am sorry (Y/N)," "And I do forgive you. Sorry for running off," "No, don't be, you had every right to do that,".
  • Author's Note: Hope that was okay for you. xx Hope you guys liked it! xxxx

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